Living with migraine: It's not all in your head


On Thursday, June 1, migraine and headache specialist Dr. Michel Aubé, a neurologist at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital at McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre, will give a free public lecture on migraine, a neurological disorder that afflicts one in ten Canadians. In his lecture, entitled "Qu'est-ce que la migraine?" Dr. Aubé will talk about the definition and diagnosis of migraine, as well as possible factors and current treatments.

The lecture is presented in collaboration with Migraine Zéro, a recently formed, volunteer-based migraine support group, which is currently the only one in Quebec.

"Migraine Zéro is a non-profit organization that gives out information on relieving migraine. Anyone can go to our website to find practical tools for dealing with this often debilitating condition," said Mr. Yves Castonguay, founding member of the organization.

Although some may think that migraine is simply a psychological disorder, most researchers agree that it is due to blood flow changes brought on by various triggers ranging from flickering lights to hormonal irregularities. However, everyone's symptoms and experiences are different.

"It is so important for migraine sufferers to educate themselves. Medication is only one aspect of treatment, and there are many things you can do to prevent the onset of a migraine, such as managing your stress or using relaxation techniques," added Mr. Castonguay. "We would like to help as many people as possible reduce their migraine symptoms and getting the basic facts is the first step."

The lecture will be held at the MNI/H's Jeanne Timmins Amphitheatre at 7:30 pm.

Dr. Michel Aubé:
Neurologist Michel Aubé is recognized as Canada's leading migraine specialist. He is consulted regularly on cases that seem to defy treatment, and he also tests new migraine medication for efficacy and safety. A physician who has treated hundreds of migraine patients during his long career, Dr. Aubé is also a superb teacher who has trained many doctors and medical residents.

Yves Castonguay:
Yves Castonguay is the founder of Migraine Zéro and is himself a migraine sufferer. His goal is to help people find concrete approaches to dealing with their migraine symptoms.

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