Launch of the Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg Fund for Community Engagement


Published: 28Mar2012

We are proud to announce that Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg and its lawyers have made a gift of $450,000 to McGill University's Faculty of Law by establishing an endowment fund that will provide bursaries to McGill Law students, allowing them to do pro bono work for a wide variety of Montréal's community objectives. The goal of the Davies Fund is to benefit Montreal's community organizations by encouraging and empowering law students to provide high-quality, accurate legal information and public education through direct involvement in those community organizations.

The Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg Fund for Community Engagement will provide financial support to selected McGill University law students, allowing them to pursue a Legal Clinic Course placement with organizations approved by the Faculty of Law, including: Project Genesis; Action Réfugiés Montréal; Éducaloi; Mile End Legal Clinic; World Anti-Doping Agency; Centre for Law & Aging; Chez Doris; Just Solutions Clinic; Concordia Student Union Legal Information Clinic; Groupe d'aide et d'information sur le harcèlement sexuel au travail (GAIHST); Le Bon Dieu dans la rue; PINAY - Filipino Women's Association of QC; Shield of Athena Family Services; Tyndale St-George Community Centre Legal Clinic and Youth Employment Services.

"Work carried out by participating students will have a direct and immediate impact on people who may not otherwise have access to legal information or advice regarding their situation. Now, thanks to the Davies Fund for Community Engagement students will be able to choose to participate in the program knowing they can count on financial support," said Davies Partner and McGill graduate Hillel Rosen.

Dean Daniel Jutras added that "The Faculty of Law at McGill University is proud of its long history of collaboration with local community organizations. This partnership with Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg will enable us to bring together and support students, professors and alumni who share this transformative commitment to community action."

The creation of the Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg Fund for Community Engagement underscores the firm's long-standing commitment to community activism, social responsibility and the promotion of access to justice in Quebec.

The Davies Fund will be administered and advertised by the Faculty of Law's Student Life and Learning office, in consultation with Davies. Students will be selected by the Faculty of Law based on an evaluation of their academic standing, motivation and aspirations.

Find out how you can make a donation to the Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg Fund for Community Engagement fund.

On photo: Assistant Dean Aisha Topsakal (McGill Law), Margaret van Nooten (Project Genesis), Robert Vineberg (DWPV), Hillel Rosen (DWPV), Tanya de Mello (BCL/LLB'11), and Dean Daniel Jutras (McGill Law). Courtesy of DWPV.

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