Kabtek improves production throughput up to 20% with CablePlan


Published: 19Apr2016

CablePlan Plannica reduces the planning cycle from days to minutes. It enhances and improves the decision making of production planners. CablePlan reduces the manual workload and releases the decision makers’ valuable time, enabling them to regain responsiveness and flexibility in the planning cycle.  CablePlan enables planners to increase their planning horizon, enables smarter optimization and allows planning considering multiple objectives. CablePlan is tailored for the wire & cable industry and therefore includes optimization of drum constraints, length constraints and change-over losses. 

CablePlan suite is built on large-scale analytical algorithms developed by Analytica Software. Mehmet Gumus, a professor of operations management at McGill University, and co-founder and CEO of Analytica Software: “These algorithms use state-of-art data and decision analytics to provide the decision makers with not only real-time production planning but also a guaranteed improvement along variety of KPIs.”  

Read full article: The Cable Directory, April 18, 2016 


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