The Importance of Integrative Thinking


I can still remember when I got into McGill University as an undergraduate in the Arts program. I couldn’t switch my status from “undeclared” quick enough. I knew what I was going to study—I was going to major in psychology. I had taken an AP Psychology (Advanced Placement) class in Grade 11 and had been itching for more ever since. Over time, many of my peers followed suit. In fact, in my year, for many students, psychology became that major you declared when you really weren’t sure what you wanted to do.

... Alyssa Wiseman received her BA in Psychology from McGill University in 2011. She is presently pursuing joint law and MBA degrees at McGill University. She is also a legal researcher for Define the Line, an interdisciplinary research project at McGill University exploring several issues surrounding cyberbullying, including legal literacy and digital citizenship, as well as a volunteer for Pro Bono Students Canada.

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