Highlights of Spring 2009 Law Convocation


Published: 10Jun2009

Convocation for the Faculty of Law is unfailingly a momentous event. This year's ceremony, held on May 29, 2009, was no different.

Graduate students gleefully received their doctoral or masters’ degree, with thunderous applause from family and friends, many of whom had travelled from afar to celebrate the occasion.

Following them this year was the largest BCL/LLB contingent in recent memory, 136 students, proudly walking across the stage to be personally congratulated by the Provost and receiving their precious parchment from the hands of the Dean.

To signal their great collective achievement, the graduating students concluded the ceremony by throwing their mortar boards high up in the air – a delightful sight for Faculty and University officials gathered on the stage.

In addition to the celebration of students’ achievement, Convocation is also an opportunity to highlight special achievements by academics. Beginning with members of the Faculty of Law, the 2009 John Durnford Teaching Excellence Award was presented to Assistant Professor Robert Leckey (top photo). Two recently retired members of the Faculty – Pierre-Gabriel Jobin and Jane Matthews Glenn (middle) – were then officially elevated to the rank of Emeritus Professor. Finally, Professor Richard M. Buxbaum (bottom photo) of Berkley Law (University of California) was granted an Honorary Doctorate of Law.

This Convocation ceremony would not have been complete without speeches from Principal Heather Munroe Blum, Chancellor Richard Pound, Dean Nicholas Kasirer and Class Valedictorian, Ms Lilly Lo Manto. These proved to be both inspired and yet full of mirth, displaying remarkable camaraderie among the speakers and good humour despite the formality of the occasion. Most memorable, however, may have been the standing ovation offered to Professor Nicholas Kasirer as the Principal thanked him for his outstanding service as Dean.

While it rained during the ceremony, the clouds generously dissipated for the reception which followed, allowing for numerous expressions of personal congratulations to be exchanged on the beautiful grounds of the University’s Lower campus.

As Dean Kasirer exclaimed: “Bravo to the Class of 2009!”

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