François Ost to give two talks at the Law Faculty


Published: 14Dec2010

Professor François Ost, vice-principal at the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis, Belgium, will be at McGill's Faculty of Law on January 24, 2011, to deliver two talks.

His first talk, titled Intraduisible? Qu'entendez-vous par là? is part of the « Les intraduisibles en droit civil » series of workshops organised by the Quebec Research Centre of Private & Comparative Law. François Ost will examine the notion of "un intraduisible" along with comparative law's vocation of translation.

Professor Ost will also give this year's Wainwright Lecture. Titled Le marchand de Venise: Le pari et la dette, le jeu et la loi, the conference will examine Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice through several lenses : a legal approach, focusing on the famous case at if it were a real contracted loan and a real trial, a more symbolic approach that plays on poetic justice, and an anthropological approach that will show that in this play, law is not only the instrument of passion, but rather its object.

To open this Wainwright Lecture, which deals with a play, three actors for the Actus Reus student theatre club will present an excerpt from Antigone Voilée, a play by François Ost himself. In this reprise of the Greek myth, François Ost updates the classic Antigone drama into a modern story by recasting the protagonist as a young veiled Muslim woman named Aïcha.

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Intraduisible ? Qu'entendez-vous par là?

Le marchand de Venise: Le pari et la dette, le jeu et la loi

Public domain photo from older edition of the Merchant of Venice.