Flooding update


Published: 28Jan2013

The City of Montreal has shut off the water to a 48-inch diameter water main, while a smaller pipe continues to leak. This water is being diverted into the sewer system and poses no current threat to our buildings.

The University has suffered some damage as a result of this afternoon’s flooding downtown, but we will operate largely as normal tomorrow. McGill staff should report for work in the morning as usual, with the following exceptions: staff who work in the Wong Engineering Building, Service Point and Welcome Centre, the James Building Annex and on the 2nd floor of the James Administration Building are asked to stay home and work from home to the extent they can.

There are a number of problems with elevators on campus, in a number of buildings. Do not assume the elevators will be working in your building. We will try to update the elevator situation early tomorrow.

The only classes that will be affected tomorrow are in the Wong Building. Classes normally held in Wong will still take place, but in other locations. Students and professors will be contacted by email. Teaching Assistants should be in touch with their professors for instructions.

Staff should continue to monitor the Reporter website for updates.

We again urge you to be extremely careful when walking through areas both on and off campus that were affected by the flood. While we will be active overnight in spreading abrasives and salt, there may be many places where conditions will be slippery.

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