Expert: New influx of asylum seekers crossing US border

Published: 13 February 2017
“More than 40 people illegally crossed the U.S. border and claimed refugee status within Quebec this past weekend, while 21 others did the same in Manitoba, border officials say.” (The Globe and Mail)

Laura Madokoro, Assistant Professor, History, McGill University

“Two things are happening:

1) migrants have historically sought sanctuary in either Canada or the United States when conditions in one country deteriorated or seemed inhospitable and the current moment reflects historic instances where draft dodgers, for instance, sought refuge in Canada;

2) historically, migrants move in networked ways and we are seeing that again at the moment. The word is clearly out there that the United States is not a desirable place to be.”
—Laura Madokoro


Madokoro’s research explores the history of global migration and its influence in the shaping of the modern world. She’s especially interested in the histories of settler colonialism, refugees, humanitarianism, human rights and race relations.

laura [dot] madokoro [at] mcgill [dot] ca, 1-613-407-3738 (English, French)

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