Dr. Robert Sternszus Appointed Director of Pediatrics Residency Program


The Department of Pediatrics is pleased to inform our community that starting June 1, 2017 Dr. Robert Sternszus, Assistant Professor, will assume leadership of the Pediatric Residency Training Program as its Program Director. Though but a few years on staff, Dr. Sternszus has established himself as one of the Department's many rising and established stars in medical education. A McGill graduate and a product of the training program he now leads, Dr. Sternszus has an M.A. in Educational Psychology. His scholarly effort in medical education has been supported by a Royal College Fellowship and the Jonathan Campbell Meakins and Family Memorial fellowship. He has already established a scholarly effort in medical education and demonstrated educational leadership as Director of the pediatric segment of the Transition to Clinical Clerkship course in UGME.

Dr. Olivia Tse, Assistant Professor, will be continuing in her important role in the leadership of this residency program and will serve as the Associate Program Director.

The Department of Pediatrics would like to thank Dr. Catherine Henin, Assistant Professor, for her leadership as Program Director of the Pediatric Residency Program over the past three years, doing so with dedication, grace, style, intelligence, and a smile on her face.