Dr Luc Vinet to be reappointed as Provost

Published: 28 November 2003

"I am delighted to inform you that, following the unanimous recommendation to me from the Advisory Committee, the Board of Governors has Monday evening endorsed my recommendation that Professor Luc Vinet be reappointed for a further 5-year term as Provost of McGill University, to commence July 15, 2004," said Principal Heather Munroe-Blum.

In addition to the reappointment, the Advisory Committee made a recommendation that the position title be changed to Provost, from Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic). This change will take place immediately.

"Over the coming years, I am confident that McGill will continue to be exceptionally well served by Provost Vinet's intelligence, strength and commitment — building on his very significant achievements in his first five years at McGill", said Munroe-Blum. "I hope that you will all join with me in congratulating Dr Vinet and thanking him for his outstanding service to McGill and to our community and for his willingness to undertake a second term of service."

The Advisory Committee also reviewed the important external advocacy role played by vice-principals — research in Canada, in addition to their strong internal leadership on research matters. It as well noted the University's increasing reliance on research funding and corollary allocations of Canada Research Chairs, New Opportunity Awards and other important research-related resources. Given the importance of the success of the research enterprise to the University, the Advisory Committee argued that the relationship between teaching and research is one of egalitarian partnership, characterized by the closest of collaboration. The Advisory Committee therefore has recommended to the Principal that the position of Vice-Principal (Research) will report directly to the Principal beginning immediately. The Advisory Committee also noted that the strong, collegial collaboration of the Provost and the Vice-Principal (Research) will be maintained.

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