Dr. Janaudis-Ferreira in the News


Published: 26May2017

Dr. Tania Janaudis-Ferreira is part of a team of investigators to whom CIHR (Project Scheme Competition) has been awarded support to conduct a multi-centric trial to determine whether a supervised home-based exercise program combined with a protein supplementation is beneficial in improving physical function in frail older adults recovering from transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). Title of the study: "Protein and Exercise to Reverse Frailty in Older Men and Women undergoing TAVR: The PERFORM-TAVR trial."
Dr. Janaudis-Ferreira is also funded by a CIHR Planning Grant for her project entitled "The complex scenario of rehabilitation post-acute of exacerbation of COPD: how do we tackle it?" From SPOT are the PI Dr. Janaudis Ferreira, as well as the Co-I Dr. Sara Ahmed and Collaborator Dr. Adriana Spahija. The team is investigating what is the best way to provide rehabilitation to people having recovered from an acute COPD episode, here in Canada and in the UK. Bravo SPOT collaborators!

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