Dear Members of the McGill Community,


As you may be aware, demonstrations are planned for today on the downtown campus.

As expected in such situations, appropriate measures will be taken to maintain the safety and security of all individuals on campus as well as to safeguard the University’s activities, operations, and facilities. Classes and all others academic events are planned to proceed as scheduled.

People are hurting and the community is reeling from the unprecedented and deeply disturbing events of Thursday 10 November. It is my firm belief that we all want to do everything we can to avoid a repetition.

In that context, we look to all members of the McGill community as individuals, and in particular to those of you in leadership positions among students, faculty, staff, and administration, to do your utmost to maintain safety for yourselves and for others.

We will be following the situation and, if need be, I will keep you informed of developments during the day.

With best regards,

Prof. Anthony C. Masi