Changes to Lower Campus starting May 28


To all members of the McGill community

Dear colleagues,

McGill’s campuses are two of the most beautiful refuges on the Island of Montreal. Guided by the Master Plan’s planning and design principles, the University is working to enhance our campus green spaces.  On May 28, 2010, thanks to the contribution and cooperation of all members of the McGill community, we are taking another step towards our vision of being a model for environmentally responsible living.

Changes to the Downtown Lower Campus will create a pedestrian friendly campus space, as free as possible of vehicles. As many of you are already aware through our presentations on McGill’s Physical Master Plan, these upcoming changes aim to create people-friendly spaces that encourage the McGill and Montreal communities to mingle, share ideas and reflect.

“Greening” projects are underway in the area bordered by McTavish, Sherbrooke, University and Dr. Penfield streets. As of May 28, the Roddick Gates will close to all but emergency vehicles, but will continue to welcome pedestrians. Parking availability here will be substantially reduced and vehicular circulation limited. The plans have been designed to ensure that parking and public transportation services for people with disabilities will not change: all vehicles carrying disabled persons will have full access to Lower Campus.

A McGill Task Force is currently completing the arrangements for visitor and guest parking, passenger drop-off stations, alternative parking locations and campus accessibility for suppliers, delivery companies, services and construction contractors.

Please visit to find out how these changes may affect you. The website will be updated and announcements sent out as new information becomes available. For further questions, please e-mail green.campus [at]

Thank you to the many members of the McGill community who have contributed their ideas, energy and skills to this project.

Jim Nicell
Associate Vice-Principal (University Services) & James McGill Professor

Contact Information

green.campus [at]