Appointment of Associate Provost (Faculty)

Published: 7 July 2004

I am pleased to announce that the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors has approved, at its meeting of June 28, 2004, the appointment of Professor William F. Foster of the Faculty of Law to the position of Associate Provost (Faculty).

Professor Foster will bring considerable experience and talent to the Provost's Office and will nicely complement the current team. In the context of the important recruitment effort that will have to be sustained for many years, and which is profoundly affecting our University, the Associate Provost (Faculty) will be responsible for the development and the application of pertinent policies and regulations. In collaboration with the Associate Provost (Academic Personnel), he will be expected to work closely with faculties and the academic leaders in particular, to offer support and guidance.

William F. Foster, Sir William MacDonald Professor of Law, is one of McGill's most respected scholars. He has been full professor since 1977 and has held the positions of Acting Dean and Associate Dean several times. He has also served on many faculty and University committees. Among those were the University Appeal Committee (Chair) and the University Grievance Committee (Chair).

This period of renewal is rich in potentialities. I am convinced that Professor Foster, in his new role, will greatly help McGill capitalize on those to the fullest. I trust you will all join me in thanking Professor Foster for accepting these responsibilities and wishing him well.

Luc Vinet, Provost

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