Construction Start: Strathcona Music Building - Building Envelope

Publié: 31 March 2023

McGill University has mandated Atwill-Morin to carry out the following project: Strathcona Music Building/ 16-135 - Envelope Renovation.

The project includes the reinforcement of the exterior walls supporting the roof structure, including interior works on the 5th floor and the renovation of masonry stones on the west façade. This is part of a project that spans multiple years addressing deferred maintenance repairs for the Strathcona Music Building, an over 125-year-old heritage building. In an effort to minimize disruptions to building users, the work is taking place during the summer months.

Project managers: André Labelle

Assistant project manager: Marcela Fernandez Pedrozo

Construction start date: May 2023

Planned construction end date: September 2023

Work schedule: Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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