Construction Start: 680 Sherbrooke - Mock-up curtain wall

Publié: 8 May 2023

McGill University has mandated Vitrerie RD to carry out the following project: 680 Sherbrooke / 18-106 - Mock-up curtain wall.

the project consists of the removal, survey of existing conditions and replacement of three existing window panels inside classroom 491, as well as between floors (panels above and below).

Project manager: André Labelle - andre.labelle [at]

Assistant project manager: Marcela Fernández Pedrozo - marcela.fernandezpedrozo [at]

Construction start date: May 2023

Planned construction end date: End of July 2023

Work schedule: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Scope of work: 

Exterior works for the removal and detailed survey of three existing glass panels located inside classroom 491, 391 and offices 506 and 508. Cleaning and installation of brand new window panels to resolve existing insulation problems.


Classrooms 491 and 391 as well as offices 506 and 508 will not be accessible. The visibility towards McCord Steward Museum will be disturbed by scaffolding. Miscellaneous noise from welding to hammering.

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