Techniques of Togetherness: Creative Modes of Collaboration


Sherbrooke 688 688 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 3R1, CA

One Day @ McGill presents seminars that allow you first-hand access to a McGill experience. Held on the McGill University campus, these affordable small-group sessions are unique educational opportunities in which you are able to access in-depth knowledge produced by our academic community.

Description: This research-creation workshop explores new modes of collective creation in aesthetic practices. We begin by asking the following: What are the techniques of togetherness being developed by artists and critics today? How have others responded to the challenges of new forms of technology, communication, labour, social assembly and creative practice in re-imagining how we might act and live together? Which techniques, from the Surrealists’ Cadavre Exquis, to a contemporary remix culture that both promotes and restricts this idea that consumers can also be makers, to examples of the new "sharing economy" and media forms understood as "social," activate the commons? How do these techniques change our ideas about art, autonomy and possibility? Through hands-on explorations of techniques from different artistic domains, we will explore collectivity in action.

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