Researching the Future of Food, 08:00

Thursday, April 2, 2015 08:00to08:30

Un regard sur l'avenir propose une série de vidéos qui analyse en profondeur les projets de recherche actuels à l’Université McGill. Trois émissions seront présentées en français : Montréal, le Quartier de l’innovation et Médecine personnalisée.

Researching the Future is a video series analyzing in depth research currently underway at McGill University. Three episodes will be presented in English : The Sustainable Future, Music for Life, and The Future of Food.

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Episode 6: Researching the Future of Food

This episode examines a variety of food-related research underway at McGill University. Meet researchers who are developing new food products from maple syrup and potatoes that promote health benefits, like combatting obesity and diabetes. Find out how fresh produce could be produced year-round in Quebec, including the far north, thanks to innovative growing techniques. And see how researchers are examining our food choices, in cafeterias and in grocery stores, in order to encourage healthier diets.

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