Yan P. Lin Centre 2023 Annual Lecture - C. Thi Nguyen “Value Capture”

Published: 12 June 2023

C. Thi Nguyen gave the 2023 Annual Lecture on Thursday, March 30, 2023 in the Faculty Club Ballroom on “Value Capture”.

The Acting Director of the Yan P. Lin Centre, Griet Vankeerberghen introduced to the McGill Community the newly formed sixth axis of the centre, the Research Group on Human Nature and Values in the Digital Age and invited Prof. Jocelyn Maclure (Philosophy), coordinator of this new group, to introduce Prof. Nguyen. Prof Maclure highlighted this lecture as the unofficial start of the activities of the group and Prof. Nguyen's emphasis on the relationship between the usage of technologies and our understanding of their meaning.

The event was well attended by many from within and outside of the McGill community and a reception followed. Thank you to Prof. Nguyen and all of those who attended the Yan P. Lin Centre 6th Annual Lecture!

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