Undergraduate team wins second prize at Tongji construction festival


A team of undergraduate students under the supervision of Prof. David Covo has won second prize at the 2018 Tongji International Construction Festival and Fengyuzhu Plastic Polypropylene Sheet Design and Construction Competition on June 10, 2018, in Shanghai.  The six winning U1 students are Shengkun (Tommy) Yang, Adam Joseph Ghadi-Delgado, Olivia Naomi Ahmadi, Hongming (Bruce) Liang, Diana Nigmatullina, and Nour Achrafie.

The purpose and mission of the construction festival is to help participants gain a perceptual and rational knowledge of material property, construction process, and fundamental building fabrication physics through building practice. Participants were asked to design and build a pavilion using only sheets of polypropylene. The McGill team came up with a design that would use only half of the 30 sheets provided, along with cutting patterns that would not waste more that 0.1% of the given material.