Students Who Attended Supplementary School are Invited to Participate in a Research Project

Published: 17 May 2023

For a qualitative research project investigating students' experience with supplementary schooling, a joint effort project by McGill University and the University of Antwerp in Belgium are looking for participants.

The goal is to investigate the educational pathways of students who attended supplementary schooling in the past.  Students who attended a form of supplementary schooling (Chinese school, Greek school, other heritage language schools, Mosque school, Black weekendschool, etc… ) in the past are cordially invited to participate.

Participants will be asked to partake in one or two interviews, each taking between one and two hours. The interview will focus on questions about educational trajectories, including past experiences with supplementary schooling. To participate, click the button below.

julie.steenwegen [at] (Contact by Email)

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