SPOT PhD Candidates Receive McGill MedStar Awards


Published: 24Jul2018

David Anekwe (right) has received the McGill MedStar Award in recognition of the his excellence in research, specifically the study he completed and published, titled: “Effects of Pressure Support Ventilation May be Lost at High Exercise Intensities in People with COPD?” The paper was co-authored by Dr. Jadranka Spahija.

David Anekwe also successfully defended his PhD thesis on July 12! The title of his thesis was, “Early Mobilization of the Critically Ill.” 

Marika Demers (left), PhD Candidate and Associate Academic Coordinator of Clin Ed (OT), has been awarded the McGill MedStar Award in recognition of the research she carried out and published, entitled, “Do Activity Level Outcome Measures Commonly Used in Neurological Practice Assess Upper-Limb Movement Quality?” Co-author is Dr. Mindy Levin.

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