School of Physical and Occupational Therapy Well Represented in 2018 FRQS Awards


Published: 8May2018

Great news for both faculty researchers and graduate students, as SPOT received a long list of FRQS awards in the most recent cycle!

Chercheurs-Boursiers: Junior 1 – Dr. Marc Roig, Junior 2 – Dr. Aliki Thomas, Dr. Dana Anaby

Programme Intersectoriel Audace: Dr. Stefanie Blain-Moraes

Post Doctoral Student Funding: Daniele Piscitelli (Dr. Mindy Levin), Elizabeth Tell (Dr. Isabelle Gagnon)

Doctoral Student Funding: Ana Maria Moga (Dr. Nancy Mayo), Marcos Rodrigues (Dr. Mindy Levin)

Masters Student Funding: Daniel Flegg (Dr. Timothy Wideman, Dr. Laura Stone), Stephanie Tremblay (Dr. Dana Anaby)

Other awards include: OPPQ Bourse pour études au doctorat:  Sarah Marshall

Congratulations to all!

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