R2R update: Delay in integration of HR-Budget Automated Feed with Workday


Published: 29Jul2020

This message is sent on behalf of Cristiane Tinmouth, Associate Vice-Principal, Financial Services, Co-Sponsor, R2R Program

As you know, on August 4th , McGill will retire Banner as the University’s HR information system, replacing it with Workday. As part of this transition, a number of integrations with other existing systems across campus must be developed and implemented.

One such integration linking Workday and the HR-Budget Automated Feed will not go live on August 4th. As a result of the delay in establishing the link between the Feed and Workday, Faculty and departmental budgets will not reflect salary commitments made for tenure track staff hired after July 31st, or for existing tenure-track staff whose compensation may have been adjusted after this date.

Please note that this temporary misalignment will not affect when or how much tenure-track faculty are paid. The discrepancy will be budgetary only and will be rectified as soon as possible.

We anticipate having the HR-Budget Automated Feed back on line in September 2020, with budget events related to the tenure track HR transactions completed after July 31st being processed shortly thereafter.

If the Faculty or departments seek budgetary clarification, you are invited to consult the Minerva Finance menu, which will remain active after August 4th. Alternatively, please contact Cindy Bolduc (cindy.bolduc [at] mcgill.ca).

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