Office of Science Outreach launches online inquiry-based training

Published: 27 January 2022

The Office of Science Outreach is excited to take its inquiry-based theory training completely online and asynchronous. Intro to McGill Science Outreach and Inquiry-Based Learning is now available on myCourses, McGill’s learning platform, for anyone interested in participating in the training. The Office created this course specifically to meet the needs of McGill outreach students but it is available to all students, faculty, and staff across the University and in other institutions.

The 1.5-hour long course uses the most current findings in the science outreach and education fields and provides participants with the basics they need to start using inquiry practices in their outreach. Inquiry-based learning is recognized as the most effective method of engaging audiences in science, especially young audiences. The Office of Science Outreach has placed this method at the centre of their training offerings for years, and the course continues this practice. Eight modules with accompanying images, videos and quizzes create an immersive and engaging experience. Participants begin the modules by becoming familiar with outreach at McGill, the Quebec Education Program, and best practices for outreach. They continue on to learn about the basics of inquiry, such as when to use different types of questions to best engage their audiences in meaningful learning. All throughout, participants have the opportunity to assess their learning with interactive quizzes and hypothetical situations. The course prepares participants for subsequent coaching sessions to apply their learning and hone their craft. With over 90 participants already registered, this short course already has as many participants in its first month as the combined trainings of 2020-2021.

If you are a McGill student or staff member interested in science outreach, you can participate by logging onto myCourses’ Discovery tool with your McGill credentials and enrolling in the course. For students outside McGill, please ask your group’s coordinator to request a guest login. For all other inquiries or details, email rebeca.esquivel [at] at the Office of Science Outreach.

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