Negotiations resume with AMURE

Published: 25 January 2013

McGill Human Resources has asked Research and International Relations to relay updates on the University’s negotiations with AMURE, the union representing research associates and assistants.

Please see the following message and share the information as you deem appropriate. If you have questions, please contact Human Resources at 514-398-4747 or [at]

The parties reconvened January 14 at which time they continued to discuss eligibility criteria for parental leaves applicable to research associates and research assistants. Based on these discussions, the issue of parental leaves is now settled to the satisfaction of both parties.

The parties approved the English versions of articles on benefits and pensions. The French versions for both bargaining units will be reviewed at the next meeting. The university put forward a proposal on vacations, and initial discussions took place. This item will be discussed at the next meeting, set for January 21. The government-appointed conciliator assisted the parties in their discussions and will be present at the next meeting.

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