Negotiation update: SEU Trades & Powerhouse - Downtown and Macdonald Campus

Published: 9 January 2020

Since the last update on October 29th, six meetings have taken place between SEU Union representatives for Trades and Powerhouse / Macdonald and Downtown campuses and University representatives. The Parties continued their discussion regarding work uniforms, safety shoes and Union bulletin boards; they reached agreements on these matters on October 30th.

The Parties discussed new elements in the grievance and arbitration procedures, job posting procedures and disciplinary measures, however, they were unable at this time to reach agreement regarding these topics. Elements relative to the protection of the confidential personal information that is shared with the Union were also discussed. Further discussion is required to address these topics.

The Parties spent a significant amount of time discussing the sick and personal leaves articles and also the trial period provisions, and they were able to reach agreements in these matters. The text relating to these articles was signed by the Parties on December 4th.

Considering the upcoming implementation of the new Human Resource Information System, the Parties will sign a Letter of Agreement indicating their intention to discuss modifications to the Collective Agreement in order to improve or to facilitate administrative and/or information sharing processes.

The topics of progressive retirement, flexible work hours and temporary alternative work arrangements were also discussed by the Parties; they will be further discussed in upcoming meetings.

The Parties established meeting dates from January to the end of April 2020. Negotiations resumed on January 8th, 2020.

This update is meant to inform the community about ongoing negotiations and has been validated by the Union.

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