McIntyre post-fire update - July 30


Published: 30Jul2018

To all members of the Faculty of Medicine,

As previously communicated, as of last Friday McIntyre Floors 7 and higher were reopened for all faculty and staff members and students, accessible via the 6th floor Pine entrance. With three of the four ventilation systems servicing this area of the building returning to operation, temperatures on these floors continued to drop over the weekend and are now within their normal range, with the exception of small pockets of warmer areas that are serviced by the one HVAC system that remains to be cleaned.

On behalf of the Faculty, I would like to once again reiterate our appreciation to the team of hundreds who have been working around the clock over the past two weeks, as well as to the building’s occupants for their ongoing collaboration in ensuring that activities in the building are restored in a timely, safe and secure manner.

Please take note of the following updates:

Building access:

Note that while Floors 7 and up are now accessible to all during regular hours, for those wishing to access the building during off-hours where sign-in is required, they must have already had access during these times in order to be permitted to enter.

Teaching space:

The working group looking at contingency plans for teaching space met today, and will continue working to identify alternative locations for teaching activities in the event that some McIntyre teaching areas remain inaccessible when students return on August 21.

Non-course-related events scheduled in 5th and 6th floor amphitheatres or 2nd floor cybermed space:

Important reminder: If you have a conference, symposium, meeting, etc. scheduled between now and the end of October in the Palmer, Martin or Meakins Amphitheatres, or in the 2nd-floor cybermed classrooms or small group rooms, we strongly recommend that you immediately reserve alternative spaces, in the event that these rooms are not ready in time to accommodate you. As a starting point, you may email permits.residences [at] to inquire about alternative spaces on campus.

1st floor laboratories:

The status of the labs located on the 1st floor of the building continue to be assessed with respect to ventilation, water damage, etc. More details are expected in the coming days; this information should provide insight into how long these labs will remain disrupted.

Next update:

Barring unforeseen news, we do not expect to issue another update until the end of the week.


If you have further questions, please feel free to email buildingdirector [at] Note that answers to frequently asked questions are available online, and please refer to Saturday’s update for further information on deliveries, hazardous waste, taking inventory of lab equipment for insurance purposes, etc. 

Thank you again to everyone for your ongoing collaboration and understanding.



David Eidelman, MDCM

Vice-Principal (Health Affairs)

Dean, Faculty of Medicine