McGill Desautels professor founds diversified biotech company with over US$25M funding

Published: 23 April 2024

As investors search for new investment vehicles to create value due to ever-increasing competition in the financial markets, the ability to identify sources of potential value creation by addressing society’s most pressing economic needs has attracted significant attention. Collaboration between experts in finance and technology has emerged as a fertile arena for such value creation. However, the traditional approach to investing in technology has often underperformed, often due to a lack of sufficient diversification and capital efficiency.

Anisha Ghosh

McGill Desautels Associate Professor of Finance Anisha Ghosh, Desmarais Faculty Scholar and former Academic Director of the Honours in Investment Management (HIM) program, undertakes research at the intersection of finance, economics, and statistical inference. She has leveraged her research and knowledge to co-found a diversified biotechnology company, CCM Biosciences (CCM Bio), in collaboration with the global chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate PMC Group, Inc. CCM Bio, which recently announced its launch from stealth, has raised more than US$25M in financing, including Series A1 and A2 rounds, at a multi-hundred-million-dollar valuation.

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