Legal experts fact-check Quebec ad campaign that aims to correct 'falsehoods' on controversial language law | CBC News

Published: 6 June 2022

June 3, 2022 | After Bill 96 passed in the Quebec legislature, the government of Quebec published a full-page advertisement in both French and English newspapers to "correct falsehoods" circulating about the law. However, several legal experts - such as Max Bell's Pearl Eliadis - fact-checked the claims made in the ad in this article for CBC News. Eliadis said the new language law clearly gives the Office québécois de la langue française the power to search businesses and seize documents, despite the government's contention that it will not engage in such search and seizures. "There are specific provisions in the bill that allow the Office to enter into premises, in order to obtain information and documents. And those provisions would count as a search and seizure, in my view," Eliadis said.

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