Introducing Gartner Technical Resource Library

Published: 10 January 2022

In line with our strategic goal to be a first-class learning organization, McGill has engaged with Gartner, an industry-leading research and advisory service, to deepen and expand our insight into IT industry best practices and trends. We are pleased to announce that all members of the McGill community (administrative staff, academic staff, researchers, students) now have access to this Gartner resource.

What is Gartner and what does it provide? 
Gartner is a world-leading information technology research and consulting company, offering research, analysis, executive programming, consultation, and professional development.

Why should I use Gartner?
The benefits of Gartner extend far beyond IT professionals. Faculty and students in computer sciences, engineering and related fields, business, law, medicine, and many other programmes will find much to explore and utilize in Gartner’s extensive research database - real-world business research, analysis, and insight into current trends in technology, IT management, business issues, and strategy. Institutional leaders and administrative staff will appreciate Gartner’s insight and expertise as they make business decisions related to information technology, such as digital strategy and positioning, governance and policy making, creating the classrooms and workplaces of the future, risk management and compliance, operational and business process improvement, best pricing and terms, benchmarking, and metrics.

How do I access Gartner?
A shortcut to Gartner has been added to the All Apps tab of your Office 365 App dashboard and is fully integrated with McGill’s Single Sign-On (SSO) system. Please access Gartner directly using this shortcut. Account registration is not required. Gartner resources can also be accessed directly from the McGill Library catalogue or Databases A-Z listing. You can find more information on how to sign into Gartner using SSO in the knowledge base. If you require assistance at any point, please contact the IT Service Desk. 

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