Helge Dedek publishes collection of essays honouring memory of H. Patrick Glenn

Published: 8 March 2022

The Faculty of Law is pleased to announce the recent publication of A Cosmopolitan Jurisprudence – Essays in Memory of H. Patrick Glenn, a collection of essays edited by Professor Helge Dedek in honour of our deceased colleague H. Patrick Glenn, Peter M. Laing, Q.C., Professor of Law.

Authored by what Yale Law School Professor James Q. Whitman referred to as “a collection of leading lights,” the work revisits and critically engages with Professor Glenn’s ideas, inviting perspectives from prominent comparative legal scholars, as well as legal theorists, sociologists and historians from all over the world. “A tribute from the international community of scholars working in Comparative Law and related fields, this work is intentionally not a hagiography, but an intellectually honest and critical engagement with Professor Glenn’s ideas,” said Professor Dedek. “Patrick embraced and welcomed genuine reflection on his work, and I hope this book celebrates him the way he would have wanted: by attempting to move the conversation forward.”

Professor Dedek expressed his gratitude to Professor Emerita Jane Matthews Glenn. She gave the project her blessing and contributed advice throughout its course, including by suggesting the involvement of Professor William Twining of University College London. He authored the book’s foreword and played a pivotal role throughout the editing process.

Published by Cambridge University Press, the collection is part of the series of the American Society of Comparative Law, a group that Professor Glenn presided at the time of his death. He was the first scholar from outside the United States to hold this prestigious role.

“The many of us who still miss Patrick keenly will be so pleased to see this scholarly tribute to his work’s continued relevance and importance,” said Dean Robert Leckey. “Imaginative engagement with multiple legal traditions remains at the core of McGill Law’s identity as we continue to feel our late friend’s influence.”

H. Patrick Glenn

A world-renowned authority in comparative law, Professor H. Patrick Glenn taught at McGill’s Faculty of Law for more than forty years. His book Legal Traditions of the World: Sustainable Diversity in Law, now in its fifth edition, received the Canada Prize of the International Academy of Comparative Law.

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