Hanna Salameh ranked among most influential architects in the Middle East


Jordanian architect Hanna Salameh (B.Sc.(Arch.) 2008, M.Arch. 2012) is featured as one of the "50 most influential architects in the Middle East" in the January issue of Middle East Architect magazine (p. 34) and as one of the "top 45 most influential architects in the Middle East" on designMENA magazine's website. Both pieces highlight those who have positively contributed to the growing development of the region, noting Salameh’s sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious projects in Jordan and around the world. “To be named influential is something I take very seriously,” noted Salameh. “As architects, I believe that we can literally and metaphorically cause positive change in the world we live in through design.”

Salameh founded Hanna Salameh Design (HSD) in 2012, created with the goal of developing a new perspective on modern architecture. In addition to commissioned architecture projects, HSD continually works on developing groundbreaking visions with new ways of thinking of architectural sustainability. Such visions have been known to stir up influential conversations regarding the development of cities involved, such as the Jordan Gate Towers in Amman and the Diamond Jubilee Crown Bridge in London. Moreover, HSD's work focuses on sustainable design, attempting to construct efficient buildings that are passively green, healthy and environmentally friendly. All of HSD’s projects save at least 60% of their running energy, compared to similar buildings, with some reaching complete independence from the power grid. Sustainability, well-being and smart-green architecture are key themes which HSD invests in all of their designs.