Effective September 10th - Drop Box at 3465 Durocher for Accounts Payable, PCard, Travel and Banking


Published: 4Sep2018

Dear Colleagues,

Please note that effective Monday, September 10th, internal mail for Accounts Payable, PCard, Travel and Banking can no longer be hand-delivered to room 216 at 3465 Durocher.

For your convenience, we have installed a Drop Box located in the lobby area of the elevator on the ground floor of 3465 Durocher. Posters have been placed on the ground floor to direct you to the Drop Box.

Please use this Drop Box for all documents pertaining to Accounts Payable, PCard, Travel, and Banking.

Rest assured that we will be accessing this box daily and there will be no delays in processing as a result of this change.


Tonia Sciannamblo