Dr. Estelle Chétrit Appointed Assistant Dean, MDCM Admissions


Published: 11Jul2019

Dr. Estelle Chétrit, Faculty Lecturer in the Department of Pediatrics, was recently appointed Assistant Dean, MDCM Admissions in the Faculty of Medicine. Congratulations!

Dr. Chétrit is the third consecutive Departmental member (Dr. Saleem Razack, Professor, Dr. Anna Sant’Anna, Associate Professor) to hold this important post that plays a vital role in shaping the composition of medical school assuring merit, fairness, diversity and inclusion.

To learn more about Dr. Chétrit's new role as Assistant Dean, MDCM Admissions please visit: https://publications.mcgill.ca/medenews/2019/07/10/dr-estelle-chetrit-appointed-assistant-dean-mdcm-admission/

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