DISE PhD student Michael Lipset selected for Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program, starts new podcast called RUDE


Published: 18Jun2018

Every two years, the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation runs a Public Leadership Program that brings together 12 Fellows from around the world to live and work with one another in Montreal. This year, the 2017-2019 cohort took the lead in programming many workshops and leadership encounters, including an exchange with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wherein the Fellows advocated for decriminalizing sex work and increasing Federal support for Indigenous-led education systems. The Fellows split themselves into two teams for their culminating group projects, one of which is called CityInclusive, which works with municipalities across Canada to imagine more inclusive, smart cities. The other, which includes Michael Lipset, PhD student with McGill's Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), is a brand new podcast called RUDE, a podcast produced by and made for millennials who care about social justice.

The Fellows who have taken part in RUDE include, in addition to Lipset, Daniella Barreto, Kara Sheppard-Jones, Nicole Leaver, Amaya Athill, Barbara Karuana, and Emilie Nicolas. Together, this team of seven produced four episodes that compose RUDE’s pilot season. The episodes are titled: “Apotlogies,” “Queering Labels,” “The Future of Activism,” and “Allyship...WTF?”

The “Apotlogies” episode asks what it might mean for the Federal government to formally apologize for a historically racist record of criminalization regarding cannabis, especially now that the drug is due to be legalized on July 1st. “Queering Labels” examines identity and the importance of labels in today’s world of identity politics, activism, and marriage equality. “The Future of Activism” seeks to better understand the current landscape of activism in a digital age that facilitates hyper surveillance. “Allyship...WTF?” works to more deeply unpack the problematic concept of allyship and the ways in which we might all work together to produce a more just, equitable, and inclusive society. Guests from RUDE’s pilot season include; Snoop Dogg, Jessica Morales Rocketto (Hillary Clinton’s digital campaign strategist), Kama La Mackerel (Our Bodies, Our Stories), Dmitri (Founder of eQualit.ie), Akwasi Owosu Bempah (Professor at the University of Toronto), Ashley Athill (Founder of Sensi), Arwa Mahdawi (creator of Rent-A-Minority.com and a columnist at The Guardian), and Stephen Puskas (Montreal-based Inuk filmmaker and artist).

You can find RUDE on most podcast distribution platforms. If you like what you hear and/or want to contribute to the conversation, feel free to contact RUDE on Facebook or Twitter and leave a review on your preferred podcasting platform.