Construction Start: Strathcona Music - Renovation of Pollack Hall

Published: 15 April 2024

Please be advised that McGill University has mandated Groupe Geyser to carry out the following project: 19-167 Strathcona Music Building – Renovation of Pollack Hall 

Description: The project consists of the renovation of Pollack Hall to enhance the user experience and improve accessibility. 

Construction start date: May 2024 

Planned construction end date: December 2025 

Work schedule: Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. inclusively. Should special arrangements need to be made for overnight or weekend work, these will be coordinated and communicated to users in advance. 

Project Manager: Nelson Potvin, WSP - nelson.potvin [at] 

Assistant Project Manager: Alex Di Ramio, WSP - alex.di.ramio [at]

Contact for building users: Peter Wightman – peter.wightman [at] 

Scope of work: 

  • Renovation of the hall (seating, electrical infrastructure, lighting fixtures, finishes, etc.) 
  • Renovation of the orchestra pit
  • Expansion of green room, renovation of dressing rooms
  • Reconfiguration of the foyer, coat check and main access to the hall; installation of audiovisual equipment  
  • Revamping of the East Lounge  
  • Improvement of the overall accessibility of the hall, stage and backstage area 
  • Addition of a service area backstage
  • Renovation of existing washrooms, addition of accessible washrooms (backstage and front-of-house)
  • Installation of a freight elevator and of a lift
  • Installation of ventilation unit on roof of mechanical room 

Impact & mitigation:  

The hall will be completely closed for the duration of the construction work. 

Access to and inside the Strathcona Music Building: 

  • The main entrance to the Strathcona Music Building will be closed during the entire construction phase. Users will need to enter through the Elizabeth Wirth Building to access the Strathcona Music Building.  
    Exceptions (as of September 2024): 
    • Emergency exit: Users will still be able to exit the building through the Strathcona main entrance in case of an emergency (as of Sept. 2024). 
    • Ticket purchase: Access to the box office will be restored as of September 2024. 
  • A central passageway will be maintained in the first-floor corridor. 


  • There will be significant levels of noise from May 2024 until October 2024 inclusively due to demolition work. 
  • Other work may generate high levels of noise during the rest of the project. The project team will keep the building director informed of these disruptions. 

Service shutdowns: 

  • Some work may require service shutdowns (e.g., electrical, ventilation). Building users will be informed in advance of these shutdowns. 

Relocation of activities:

  • Details on the relocation of academic activities and performances normally held at Pollack Hall will be communicated by the Schulich School of Music.

  • Customer service for Student Housing and Dining Services, normally located at University Hall (3473 University St.), will be relocated to 3465 Durocher from April 30, 2024, to the end of the Fall 2025 semester.

Asbestos conditions: 

Demolition work under asbestos conditions is planned from May 2024 until October 2024 inclusively. This work will be carried out under the appropriate asbestos safety protocols, which include sealing off the construction site from the rest of the building, the use of specialized vacuuming equipment, cleaning and daily inspections by our health and safety consultant. 

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