Construction Start: Centennial Centre - Temporary classrooms

Published: 30 November 2023

Project: Centennial Centre / 23-035 - Installation of temporary classrooms.

The project consists of the installation of a temporary classroom complex near the Centennial Centre at the Macdonald Campus.

Temporary classroom modules on a field

Project manager: Mona Modarressi - mona.modarressi [at]

Assistant project manager: Mark Grzywacz - mark.grzywacz [at]

Construction start: End of November, 2023

Planned construction end date: End of February, 2023

Work schedule: Mondays to Fridays, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Any additional hours will be coordinated.

Scope of work: 

Construction of a temporary structure near the Centennial Center. This structure will house three classrooms, two gender-inclusive washrooms, and a common hallway connecting all the rooms. The temporary structure will provide alternative locations for classes if needs arise during construction projects at Macdonald Campus.

This project is divided into two phases. Phase 1, which starts on November 29th, aims to prepare the site for the structure, including excavation and groundwork. This phase will draw electricity and network resources from the Centennial Centre, in addition to tapping into local potable water and drainage lines. Phase 2, beginning in January 2024, will involve the construction of the temporary classrooms on the prepared site, connecting all services, and installing classroom equipment and furniture.


The construction site fencing, identified in red, will require students and staff to go around the site. The zones marked in green and blue will be utilized solely during the contractor's module delivery and crane mobilization, expected to occur for about a week in January.

Service shutdowns will be required. Occupants of affected buildings will be informed in advance.

During construction, access to certain spaces outside the construction zone will be required for the installation or modification of electromechanical services. Work will be required in Mechanical room 01 and Electrical room 02 of Centennial Center. Such construction work will be coordinated in advance with the building director and the building occupants.

Map indicating the location of the construction site on the east of the Centennial Centre

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