Artist-in-Residence requests help from people who speak languages other than English

Published: 5 October 2018

Artist-in-Residence Lou Sheppard is hoping to connect with students, faculty and staff in the faculty who speak languages other than English. They are collecting words that don’t have an English translation, as well as a brief attempt to describe what these words mean. These words, the descriptions, and your name (if you are willing to share) will be printed on posters and displayed around McGill campus.

Recognizing that each language is rooted in a distinct ontological system, this project is a way of considering how we can and cannot translate aspects of our identities and ways of understanding our environments into English. If you would like to participate you can get in touch with Lou by email (see CONTACT below) or by dropping by the Art Hive (1st floor Education building, 3700 McTavish) on Thursdays.


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