Tech Trends Speaker Series: Big Data, AI, and Why Data Governance Matters

Friday, April 12, 2024 11:00to12:00

Data governance encompasses how people, processes, and technology can work together to enable business efficiency and defined and agreed-upon data policies that ensure compliance is met.

As companies generate more data, move it to the cloud, and develop GenAI models, they need to consider a comprehensive approach to data governance. Why? Because good data governance can inspire customer trust, allow the organization to extract more value from their data, and therefore lead to more competitive offerings and improvements in, for example, customer experience.

Effective data governance will allow you to:

  • Enable auditable legal and regulatory compliance with defined and agreed-upon data policies
  • Employ better risk management
  • Establish control and maintain visibility of your company’s data assets, providing a competitive advantage
  • Drive both top-line revenue and cost savings when developing new products and services
  • Implement your organization’s people, processes, and tools to operationalize data trustworthiness


  • Background on Big Data and becoming a data driven company
  • What is data governance?
  • Data governance tools 
  • Ingredients of data governance: people & processes
  • Data quality, data protection & monitoring



Evren Eryurek

Evren is the leader of Google’s Data Discovery, Protection and Governance platform as a member of Google Core team. The Core team builds the technical foundation behind Google’s flagship products. Prior to that he was the leader of the Data Analytics and Data Management portfolio of Google Cloud. Evren joined Google as the 1st external member to take a leadership role as a Technical Director within the CTO Office of Google Cloud. Prior to joining Google, he was the SVP & Software Chief Technology Officer for GE Healthcare.

Before joining GE in 2005, Evren was with Emerson Process Management group for over 11 years, where he held several leadership positions and was responsible for developing new software-based growth technologies for process control systems and field devices, coordinating cross-divisional product execution and implementation. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Evren holds a master’s and doctorate degree in Nuclear Engineering. He holds over 60 US patents, and is author of the book titled “Data Governance: The Definitive Guide” and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.

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