(Still) Living in Pandemia and Cultivating Resiliency


Offered by the Health and Well-being program and the Equity and Diversity Team

Rachel Desjourdy, Accessibility Advisor and Sara Charbonneau Health and Well-Being Advisor, invite Hiba Zafran an Occupational Therapist-Psychotherapist and assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine to her share strategies for resiliency in a pandemic and beyond.


As a full year of living in "Pandemia" and global unrest ends, we all remain in the process of adapting to uncertainty and shifting priorities. This session will provide a guided reflective space to take stock of your stress levels and coping strategies, and reconsider how you are balancing activities to foster resilience. Offering a unique format, attendees are invited to consider this as a 'time for you' and are encouraged to treat this as a podcast, keep the video off to rest your eyes, and attend in comfortable clothes and location.


Registration: https://mcgill.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEudOqsrzgrHdWV_Q1TTUiukdH2uaNtW-Jh


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