McGill Cares: Canada's National Dementia Strategy

Wednesday, January 11, 2023 12:00to12:30

Join us on January 11 at noon for the next McGill Cares webcast to support informal caregivers. During candid, 30-minute interviews with leading experts, Claire Webster explores topics related to caring for a loved one with dementia. 

Canada’s National Dementia Strategy 

Saskia Sivananthan, PhD, is Chief Science and Knowledge Translation Officer at the  Alzheimer Society of Canada, where she oversees the Alzheimer Society Research Program.  She is a neuroscientist and health data scientist focusing on dementia care. In 2020, the Federal Minister of Health (Canada) appointed her to the Ministerial Advisory Board on Dementia. She also served as a senior strategy and policy advisor on the global dementia strategy for the World Health Organization (WHO) and co-drafted their Global Action Plan on the Public Health Response to Dementia. 

Ms. Sivananthan will discuss highlights from Canada’s National Dementia Strategy and Navigating the Path Forward for Dementia in Canada: The Landmark Study Report #1, which addresses the current direction of dementia in Canada and its impact on people living with dementia and their care partners. 

This English webcast is free and open to the public.

McGill Cares is supported by the Amelia Saputo Community Outreach for Dementia Care. 

To view the webcast in English, click here at 12 pm EST on January 11, 2023, when the link will become public and available. 

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