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To help support family caregivers during the COVID-19 crisis, we launched a weekly webcast series, McGill Cares. During these candid, 30-minute interviews with leading experts, Claire Webster explores topics related to caring for a loved one with dementia.

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Join us on March 10, 2021 at noon for the next webcast in our biweekly series, McGill Cares

Activities to Engage Persons with Advanced Dementia

Joyce Simard, MSW, is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Nursing, University of Western Sydney Australia, and the patron and founder of Namaste Care International. She has been involved in long-term care for over 40 years, serving as Alzheimer’s specialist for many healthcare companies that provide services in skilled nursing homes, assisted living communities and hospice organizations throughout the world.

Ms. Simard will discuss Namaste Care, a program of person-centered activities offered to people with advanced dementia or when a person is at the end of life. All interaction is offered in a calm, peaceful environment with an unhurried loving approach. It is offered in a small group setting or taken to the bedside as an individual activity in a nursing home, assisted living community or hospice organization. During the pandemic, the Namaste Care Individual program has helped to ease the isolation in care homes where groups have been cancelled and visitors have not been allowed in the home.

This episode of McGill Cares is made possible by the Lindsay Memorial Foundation.

This webcast is free and open to the public.

Click here [link to follow] beginning at 12:00 pm EST on Wednesday, March 10th at which time the webcast will become available.

Past Webcasts

The World Health Organization’s Dementia Strategy

Stéfanie Fréel is a consultant in the Department of Mental Health and Substance Use at the World Health Organization (WHO). She works with governments, civil society, academia and people with lived experience to raise awareness of dementia, and to structure national policies, strengthen health information systems, and produce normative guidance, tools and resources that aim to inform national policy and programmatic implementation.

Ms Fréel will talk about the WHO’s contribution to the understanding of dementia and dementia care around the world. She will discuss the WHO Global Action Plan on Dementia, and iSupport for Dementia.

This free webcast is open to all. This webcast is made possible thanks to a donation from Ryan and Dominique Lynam in memory of their wonderful nanas, Stella Pearson and Muriel Wilson.

February 24, 2021

Celebrating a Lifetime of Heart Resilience

In this special edition of McGill CaresClaire Webster aims to raise awareness about the impact of cardiovascular disease during Heart Month. She will be joined by Dr. Jacqueline Joza, Cardiac Electrophysiologist and Assistant Professor of medicine at the McGill University Health Centre, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of her sixth pacemaker surgery, which took place on February 6, 2020. Claire has suffered from a variety of cardiac issues since she was 16 years old, and had her first pacemaker surgery at the age of 19. Despite many years of challenging cardiac health issues, she has led a very fulfilling and active life, including playing tennis at a competitive level for many years.

Claire is a long-term patient of the Montreal General Hospital and is extremely grateful for the attention and care that she receives from the Cardiac Electrophysiology Department. Cardiovascular disease can impact anyone at any time, especially women, and it is important to never take our health for granted. Claire is a living example of "heart" resilience!

Dr. Joza cares for patients with both general and inherited arrhythmias and has a special interest in ablation of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, leadless pacemaker implantation, and novel techniques in defibrillator implantation. Her current research focuses on physiologic pacing, familial sick sinus syndrome, and atrial fibrillation.

This webcast is made possible thanks to a donation from Claire and Stuart Webster.

February 17, 2020

Language and Communication with Persons Living with Dementia

Noémie Auclair-Ouellet, PhD., is a Speech-Language Pathologist and professor at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. She leads the Communication Strategic Group from the Quebec Rehabilitation Research Network (FRQS-REPAR). She works with people living with mild cognitive impairment and dementia, as well as those with aphasia following a stroke. Her research focuses on the interaction between language, other domains of cognition, and the global clinical profile in aphasia, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Auclair-Ouellet will speak about the types of changes in the ability to communicate that a person with dementia might experience, interventions that can help retain the ability to use language and the best ways to support conversation with a person with dementia.

This webcast is made possible thanks to a donation from Ryan and Dominique Lynam in memory of their wonderful nanas, Stella Pearson and Muriel Wilson.

February 10, 2021

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders

Julie Scorah, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at McGill University and Associate Director of the Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR). Dr. Scorah is a Neurophychologist whose areas of expertise include the assessment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Dr. Scorah will speak about the signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorders, how they are diagnosed and available treatments. She will also address how family and friends can best support someone living on the autism spectrum, what the general population should know about autism, and what support services are available for adults on the spectrum and for parents of autistic children.

 We would like to thank the Lindsay Memorial Foundation for sponsoring this episode of McGill Cares.

 January 27, 2021 

Recognizing when Coping Mechanisms become Addictions

Dr. David Luckow is a family physician at the Montreal West Island CIUSSS in their youth mental health clinic, and a clinical lecturer at the McGill University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is the head physician at the Centre de réadaptation en dépendance de Montréal, a public drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. As a certified Medical Review Officer, he provides drug-test reviewing services and independent medical evaluations.

Dr. Luckow will address issues related to the use of alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. He will discuss how to recognize when this is becoming a problem, and will share information about treatment options.

We would like to thank the Lindsay Memorial Foundation for sponsoring this episode of McGill Cares.

January 20, 2021

Understanding and Caring for a Person with Depression

Dr. Gustavo Turecki is Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University, Scientific Director at the Douglas Institute Research Centre and Psychiatrist‐in‐Chief at the Montreal West Island CIUSSS. Dr. Turecki uses epidemiological, clinical, psychosocial and basic research approaches to advance knowledge on mechanisms leading to suicide and suicidal behaviour. His laboratory has contributed to the investigation of the mechanisms of anti-depressant response. In addition to his research, Dr. Turecki is involved in local, national and international leadership in research, intervention and knowledge transfer in the field of suicide and depression.

Dr. Turecki will speak about the signs and symptoms of depression, how it is diagnosed and available treatments. He will address the relationship between depression and dementia, and will discuss how family and friends can best support someone suffering from depression.

We would like to thank the Lindsay Memorial Foundation for sponsoring this episode of McGill Cares.

 January 13, 2021

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