CI Food Webinar Series: Corey Phelps

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 11:00to12:30

Solving Complex Problems

Corey Phelps

Corey Phelps is an accomplished keynote speaker, corporate trainer and an award-winning business school professor. He is currently Associate Dean of Executive Education and Associate Professor of Strategy at McGill University Previously, he was a faculty member at HEC Paris (2009-2014) and the University of Washington (2001-2009). His book – Cracked It! How to Solve Big Problems and Sell Solutions Like Top Strategy Consultants (co-authored with Bernard Garrette and Olivier Sibony) – was published in summer 2018 by Palgrave Macmillan.


Innovation is typically the result of a complex problem-solving process followed by effective solution selling. For most of us, however, solving difficult problems and selling the solutions doesn’t come naturally and we haven’t been taught how to do it well. And when we try, studies show a host of pitfalls trip us up. Drawing on insights from his new book – Cracked It! – Professor Corey Phelps will discuss how to overcome these obstacles and be a better problem solver and solution seller using a rigorous, practical and proven four-step approach.

About the series

The Convergent Innovation Webinar Series will feature cutting edge science, technology and innovation in agriculture, food and health domains as well as in the behavioural, commercial, social and complexity sciences. These, combined with traditions from around the world, will altogether articulate an interdisciplinary research and action strategy to transform agricultural products like pulses from undifferentiated commodities into higher-margin whole and value-added food products that support sustainable development and affordable healthcare. Progressively, programs in the CI-Food webinar series will be developed for other agricultural products with high CI potential, e.g., dairy, fruits, vegetables, and others.

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