Application Deadline: TechAccelR Grants

Application deadline is April 2, 2024@ 11:59 PM ET, with project start date of May 1, 2024. 

Application process & details available here!

TechAccelR Grants support McGill University Faculty of Engineering tenure-track professors by enabling them to accelerate their technology that is reported as an invention but needs further validation prior to commercialization. They are offered biannually (spring and fall) and can go up to $15,000 per invention/technology. For 2024, the budget will allow for up to 5 projects per round to be selected. Funding of the TechAccelR proposals is at the sole discretion of the McGill Engine team. We will look at the comparative merit of the application pool and the project criteria.

These short-term grants, co-written with the PI's technology transfer manager, are designed to advance or enhance an invention/technology in order to improve the scope and value of McGill’s IP and enable researchers to obtain further funding for commercialization. Some examples: claims in future patent applications, new uses/applications of existing technologies, gathering additional data to further demonstrate proof of concept (e.g. increased robustness/reliability of AI/ML models), obtaining data to compare the technology to existing technologies to show its competitive advantages.

Program Objectives

  1. Validate early stage technologies
  2. Advance the invention's Technology Readiness Level
  3. Accelerate the technology’s commercialization and development plan - achieve product-market fit faster
  4. Further develop the research to strengthen eligibility for additional funding
  5. Research team works closely with the assigned business mentor, gaining from their experience, knowledge, and industry connections
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