$2.4M from NSERC for five McGill researchers

Published: 1Mar2016

By Katherine Gombay, McGill Newsroom McGill is proud to announce that five researchers have been awarded over $2.4 million in NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for 2016.

Glass that bends but doesn’t break

Published: 29Jan2014

Normally when you drop a drinking glass on the floor it shatters. But, in future, thanks to a technique developed in McGill’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, when the same thing happens the...

How can I tell if they're lying?

Published: 26Nov2015

​Sarcasm, white lies and teasing can be difficult to identify for those with certain disorders – new video inventory developed at McGill may help

Connect with NSERC: Community Engagement Visits


NSERC has begun a series of community engagement visits to provide researchers, students and other stakeholders an opportunity to learn more about some recent program and policy developments.John...

What the “fecal prints” of microbes can tell us about E

Published: 23Dec2014

The distinctive “fecal prints” of microbes potentially provide a record of how Earth and life have co-evolved over the past 3.5 billion years as the planet’s temperature, oxygen levels, and...

Dr. Karyn Moffatt of the School of Information Studies awarded NSERC Engage Grant for game-based physical therapy research

Published: 11Jan2016

Congratulations to McGill School of Information Studies faculty member Dr. Karyn Moffatt on receiving an NSERC Engage Grant from the Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada to...


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