Karl Moore

Boomers, millennials and today’s workforce: a conversation with Karl Moore

Published: 12Jul2017

In a recent piece in Mind This Magazine, medical doctor Sven Jungmann talks with Desautels professor Karl Moore about generational stereotypes. As a millennial, Dr. Jungmann takes issue with the...

Karl Moore’s advice to Gen Y extroverts

Published: 11Jul2017

As students, young extroverts love to talk, to bounce their ideas off of colleagues and to be the centre of attention. But as energetic gen-Y-ers enter the workforce, a whole new set of rules comes...

Introvert execs in extrovert masks: Karl Moore on the importance of game-face

Published: 5Jul2017

Desautels Professor Karl Moore writes for Thinkers50 that introverts and extroverts in leadership roles must, on occasion, take on one another’s characteristics as a form of game-face....

Lowered competition leads to even lower customer satisfaction in Canadian air travel

Published: 28Jun2017

If you feel like customer satisfaction is an afterthought with airlines today, you aren’t alone. An op-ed in Cantech Letter quotes Desautels professor Karl Moore as naming competition, or a lack...

Innovation at law firms? Depends on who you ask

Published: 28Jun2017

A recent Lexpert Magazine article looks at a study by Aly Háji, a joint MBA- Law student supervised by Professor Karl Moore. The paper, The Illusion of Innovation at Canadian Law Firms, exposes the...

For millennials, emotion has a role to play at work

Published: 28Jun2017

Desautels professor Karl Moore writes for Forbes that millennials in the workforce take a different view of the emotion/facts balance than boomer workers do. He says that, whereas emotional...

How early-career millennial extroverts can court success

Published: 21Jun2017

In a recent piece for Forbes, Desautels professor Karl Moore says that millennials who are transitioning from the campus to the job market should bear in mind the challenges that lie ahead, and...

Talking Management with Karl Moore: The CEO isn't the only leader any more

Published: 22Nov2012

Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks to MIT’s Deborah Ancona. Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, November 20, 2012

Talking Management with Karl Moore: The Two Most Underrated Leadership Skills

Published: 4Jun2013

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks with MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Deborah Ancona....

‘Hot Cities’ Tour Takes Business Students to Mongolia

Published: 6Feb2014

More than 40 students and alumni from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University are visiting Mongolia this March, to help them understand the realities of doing business in a...