Public Astro Night: "Looking through the Lasgest Telescopes of the Universe"


Rutherford Physics Building 3600 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2T8, CA

AstroMcGill will be holding the 13th Public Astro Night on April 18th, at 8pm.

The public lecture will be given by Yashar Hezaveh ("Looking through the Lasgest Telescopes of the Universe"). Following the press coverage of the first results from the telescope ALMA last month, Yashar will talk about his involvement with ALMA and the observation of the early universe.

Following the lecture, the audience will get the opportunity to access the observatory of the roof of the physics building for night sky observations. There will also be a lab tour with some demonstrations and activities.

It will be held in the Bell room (103) of the Rutherford Physics Building (3600 rue University).

The Public Astro Night is free of charge and intended for a general audience. No reservation is needed.