Participants needed for McGill University's Brain Imaging Research Study on Child Cognitive Development.

We are looking for children between 5 and 17 years of age to participate in our brain imaging study. We are interested in how the brain learns new information and processes social information in neurotypical children and children on the Autism spectrum. Children will be given several cognitive assessments, and undergo an MRI/MEG session during which they will watch short movies and complete short tasks.

Our participants have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences and looking at the pictures of their own brain! In addition to the cool brain pictures and several prizes, participants receive the merits of being a McGill Young Scientist and much unconditional praise. Participants are paid for their time ($30/hr) and reimbursed for parking. The study takes up to four hours (two sessions).

To make the MRI visit easier for young participants, we provide the following resources:

1. Pictures of the mock scanner.


2. A story called “Jack's MRI adventure” with pictures of an MRI scanner and MRI sounds can be found at this link. Young participants can read the story and practice lying still with the MRI sounds to help them prepare for the brain scan.

3. A child-friendly cartoon video about getting an MRI can be found at this link. This video can also help young participants become accustomed to the brain scan.

4. More information on our study.PDF icon visual_schedule.pdf

INTERESTED? Please contact us at chailab.mni [at]

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