FAES in Brief:  Research Expertise Relevant to the Cannabis Industry

  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Formulation
  • Health


•Indoor cultivation, soil-less production systems

•Greenhouse technology

•Genetics, breeding, in vitro culture

•Metabolic profiling, Plant hotobiology

•Plant-microbe interactions, Plant diseases

•Integrated pest management


•Thermal treatment of biomass

•Microbial identification

•Infrared imaging

•Detection of contaminants

•Risk assessment

•Isolation of functional molecules




•Nanomaterials for therapeutics


•Thermally generated toxicants and aromas

•Spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging technologies

•Processing and packaging

•Shelf life


•Identification of bioactive phytonutrients and phytochemicals

•Testing of bioactive properties of plant food extracts

•Characterization of metabolites and plant phytochemicals as potential treatment for autoimmune disorders.
[Note that additional health related research programs can be accessed through McGill’s Faculty of Medicine]

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